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RealPlac is the office of multifaceted subject matter experts, when it comes to Real Estate transactions. RealPlac is actively employing only the best in class to work with and by prioritizing the clients best interest, they build strong lasting relationships.

Mr. Alizadeh


Mr. Alizadeh has worked in the Real Estate industry as an investor, hands on project manager, corporate manager, and a broker practitioner in Northern California for over fifteen years. His experience is a culmination of his Practice in the Residential - luxury and modest, or fixer upper, and in Commercial Real Estate - Retail Space, Food Service, Farm Land, Office Space, Server Rooms, Lab Space with high critical designation - Leasing, Acquisition and Liquidation, Asset Portfolio Management and more. 

As a process driven businessman, Mr. Alizadeh takes great pride in building out clear plans in leading teams and clients to the desired end results.

Mr. Alizadeh works close to his family and enjoys a balanced life between technology and health rendering life of the out doors. You may run into him while hiking, flying drones, running, and reading in the out doors around the bay area.

A personal note:

"It gives me great pleasure to work in a position, where I am constantly figuring out winning solutions for my clients. I make friends with many of the people I work with, and stay in touch, while reaping the rewards of witnessing their family, their story, and their investments flourish and grow first hand."


Maryam N. is an organized, energetic, multitask gooroo who runs the office on the day to day basis. Maryam is not licensed realtor, so her position is limited to managing the administrative side of servicing our clients. 


Maryam enjoys hiking, scuba, and walking with her baby boy around the bay shoreline where she resides.






The RealPlac team will mange the loan process, share their expert advice with you, and work in your best interest in the loan origination process. While the team has many connections for creating the best loan scenario for their clients they leave the ultimate option to the purchasing client to choose the bank of their choice.






Fore every transaction there is an expert in the ESCROW/TITLE office who works as a third part neutral entity, focusing all their attention to ensure everyone is up to par, taking the correct action timely. Ensuring to bring the deal to a close, to safeguard the earnest money deposit, as well as ensuring timely disbursement of all funds. The RealPlac team has an arsenal of Escrow officers who specialize in different areas of the industry distinguishing location and type of the subject property, which they recommend for the client's highest benefit. The RealPlac team does not handle Escrow accounts within the office. 






For every property there is a different warranty company which may be recommended to the acquiring party. It is important that you are familiarized with today's offerings from all warranty companies. For the competitive market there may be more value added from one or the other. When the transaction is happening, our team seeks to study the best value and recommend the right warranty company for your property during the closing of the transaction.






Our team in RealPlac is regularly engaged fully in managing the inspection of properties ensuring the client with the best outcome in each transaction. They will walk with the inspectors ensuring the correct notices are taken, which could be crucial to the client and financial best interest.





Our team as subject matter experts have spent much of their time in the past, finding and building the right teams to carry construction projects and deliver the most desired end result in a timely fashion, considering the lowest cost and the best results for capturing a profitable value and staying within positive Returne On Investments, for the stakeholders. There are many different instances, where our team here at RealPlac are hired as a contracting Project Managers and advisory team to the client after the transaction is closed. We ensure all repairs and corrections are delivered properly, during the transaction period all the way up to closing as per the buyer and seller agreements. These agreements are clearly defined during the negotiation process.

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