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We will accelerate your search from beginning, and stand with you to the end.
We will use the most recent technologically advanced tools plus your listing services local & abroad, to drive results. We will review with you the recommended strategies and work diligently to expedite your experience.



Tel: +1 510 995 8117



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As a part of our mission statement, our Sales professionals and employees are the ultimate value, we are able to offer our clientele. As our valued talent, each representative has been hand picked. We take great pride in our coworkers who represent us, and our company as a whole.


Our property Sales team is dynamic, informative, and resourceful. With an above and beyond outlook in this service industry, we represent the vision of our clients and advocate their best interest.

In acquisitions we work closely with many lenders, banks, and loan brokers and ensure the smoothest path to close in every deal.

Our clients success is our number one priority.  Work with our highly trained individuals in the sale, exchange, and the purchase of your Real Estate Investments. 


"We actively work and expand our network
for ever lasting impressions"
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